Welcome to Relationship Skills for Men

We assist Men to have great relationships with women and develop deeper intimacy and long lasting connection. 

Find out more about our 10 week Challenge Online Course for men. 

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Learn, Communicate, Connect and deepen your relationship.

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Different ways we can help you improve your relationship

One on One coaching. 

Often people with relationship difficulties want solutions that are specifically taylored to their needs. The one on one coaching with either of our facilitators/coaches can give you specific strategies to assist you to improve your relationship. 

The 10 week Challenge online course.

We have a couple of online courses for men and couples that are designed to educate and assist couples in learning about how to have relationships and maintain and deepen their connection and intimacy over time.

The Relationship Skills for Men workshop

We have a variety of different courses for men to educate and assist them in having the relationships that they want to have. Often, the distance between having a great relationship and having a relationship that is heading downhill is just a single step.

Learn what really matters in relationships with the online 10 week Relationship Challenge for Men course. 

Understanding Relationships matters

We have an an online course called the 10 week relationship challenge.

This a course designed to assist you to learn why relationships can change from the beginning of the relationship and what you can do to bring back the spark. 

Try our 6 weeks to deeper intimacy for couples

Online Course

The 6 weeks to deeper intimacy course for couples is designed to:

  • Assist couples to reconnect with each other
  • Assist couples deepen their love and sense of intimacy for each other
  • Give practical tools for them to use in communicating with each other
  • teach them effective ways of dealing with conflict. 

Relationships are a 2 way street.  The best outcomes in relationships occur when both partner in relationships are equally engaged in changing their behaviours to bring about the type of relationship they desire.  So, we created the 6 week online course for Couples designed to deepen intimacy and connection.