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There’s a lot of great material in the world of relationships and mens groups and personal development groups. There are a number of different approaches to teaching men how to have great relationships.
One approach is the tantric approach, where if you have enough mind blowing sex then all of the issues in your relationship will fade away. The problem with that approach is that you can have mind blowing sex with someone and a few short hours be fighting like cats and dogs.
Another approach is to teach men to get into their feminine side. To get in touch with their feelings. This is a useful thing but the problem with it is that , a man fully in touch with his feminine isn’t very attractive to a woman. Women tend to want a man who is in his masculine so she can be in her feminine. The approach of getting men in touch with their feminine side tends to kill any sexual polarity that may exist between them.
The other approach is the communication skills approach is that if you say the right words all your relationship dramas will disappear. Well, you can say the right words but if you are very angry or drunk or upset, the right words will mean the wrong thing.
Our approach is different. We believe that a number of skills are important to be able to have a great relationship. These are:
  • To be able to be in your masculine presence
  • To be able to be a good lover
  • To be able to communicate effectively, from the right emotional state
  • To be able to express emotions and create clear agreements.
  • To be able to navigate change and conflict clearly so each partner can have their needs met.

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